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Internal production for a higher quality

Commitment to quality since 1978

ENGINEERING SYSTEMS SRL was established in 1978 by Mr. Di Pisa Giuseppe as a company operating on behalf of third-party mechanical workings for different industrial fields, among which there was the extrusion sector.  
Based on this experience, Engineering Systems Srl soon develops its passion for this field, becoming a manufacturer and exporter of extruders either for plastic or rubber materials.
Mr. Di Pisa commitment for mechanical workings leads ENGINEERING SYSTEMS SRL to keep its past, and pushes the company to continue and increase its knowledge in this field, too. That's why ENGINEERING SYSTEMS SRL offers its customer a complete service, from design to support.

What distinguishes us

The company plus: more than a reason for choosing us

Customer's support

Internal production

Technical competence

Speed of realisation

Innovative techniques

Product customisation

Production and design are our passion. That's why we are sure about the excellent result and the quality of the used materials.

Rapidity and quality for effective solutions

The internal production allows the company to pay attention to the customer's needs and to take care of the whole production process. 

Each necessity needs unique and customised solutions.
Versatility and readiness are the key words of ENGINEERING SYSTEMS SRL for giving the customer a complete service in terms of support, design and extruders construction.

Technology innovation for offering excellence

Tradition is important for guaranteeing the excellent quality of the result.
The technology innovation allows the development of better and more effective solutions for giving an answer to the customer's needs.

The constant update helps the search of new methods for giving an answer to any need coming from the market. 

The technical competence of ENGINEERING SYSTEMS SRL staff allows to maintain a high quality standard in the production of machineries for extrusion and to give support with professionalism and readiness.

Engineering System srl

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