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Precision workings

Since 1978, our company has always realised mechanical workings of mid-size, among them lathing, milling and boring. 
For lathing workings we have 3 parallel lathes, up to an admitted diameter of 600mm on the base, for a workable length of 5000mm and a numerical control lathe with a workable length of 4000mm, for a maximum diameter of 600mm. 

We also have 3 fixed mill-boring machines with workable size of 1200mm (transverse axis) and of 5000mm (longitudinal axis) 2 of which are CNC mill-boring machines.  

With reference to borings, we have 4 boring machines with maximum mandrel diameter of 100mm and a working field of 2000mm on the vertical axis and 3000mm on the longitudinal axis.

In addition to these main machineries, we also have 2 radial drills, band saws and different accessories for everyday activities in our workshop. 

Besides these mechanical working activities, our company realises industrial assemblies in its own premises, thanks to 1500 sq.m. of covered surface, served by 3 overhead travelling cranes with a maximum load of 6300kg each.

Today, the company counts 11 employees and has acquired a certain experience in mechanical workings both for selling and for workings on behalf of third party. This experience allows us to propose the customer the complete product cycle: from the raw materials buying, to the different carpentry construction processes, made of iron and inox, up to thermal treatments, grinding and assembly.

The Services


Realisation rapidity

Versatility and readiness are the main features of our projects, thus reducing the lead time

Internal production

It allows the company to pay attention to the customer's requests and to take care of the whole production process in an effective way

Product customisation

Each request needs unique solutions. Professionalism and quality of materials allow to create specific products

We maintain our tradition for mechanical workings, by offering a complete service, from design to support.

Mechanical workings

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